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How to Hire the Perfect Fit

Recruiting the right people is a crucial part of any business’s success. Most companies can’t afford to make a bad decision in the hiring process - it can be costly, both financially and for the morale of the team, and time-consuming. A good hire, on the other hand, is somebody whose values align with your own and who will be a return on your investment, increasing your company’s productivity and efficiency, as well as adding to the positive atmosphere in the office. But finding, recognising and enticing that perfect fit can be the challenging part. Here’s how to ensure you hire the right person for your job opening.

Recruit the person, not the skill

Of course your candidate’s experience, skills and competencies are important, but even more important than that is their attitude and desire to fit into and work as part of your team. Skills can always be developed, but willingness to learn cannot. Try not to get too stuck on experience and skill level in an interview and consider how the candidate expresses their enthusiasm and desire to become a part of what you’re doing in your business.

Understand what the candidate can really do for your business

Ultimately when investing in a new hire, you need to understand how a candidate would contribute to your business. But in this situation, you’re looking for more than a pre-rehearsed response listing their skills and accomplishments. You want to know that a candidate has taken the time to understand your business and is aligned with your values, and you will often find the answer to this question in a more personal conversation. Rather than firing questions in the interview, take some time to get to know the candidate, look for a connection with them, and then the value they can add to your business will become clear - or it won’t!

Know what you can do for the right candidate

It’s all very well asking this question of a candidate, but to attract the best people to your business you also need to be able to give a strong sense of what your company offers. What makes it a great place to work? How do you you nurture your employees? Why should this candidate have a vested interest in your business and its success? Great recruitment is a two-way street, and your most dedicated employees will be the ones who really wanted to work for you even before they were offered the job.

Focus on the role as part of the whole team

Rather than focusing on the individual tasks and responsibilities that will make up the job, look at the role in a more wholistic way. What impact can a potential candidate make? How do you imagine them behaving as part of the wider team? What do you think their interactions with their colleagues will be like? How can you imagine this individual developing the role and making it their own? All of these factors help you to take a more long-term view and direct your decision making.

Consider their work history

Often employers are put off by a candidate who has moved around a lot in their career, preferring a person who has spent a decade doing the same thing. But if you’re willing to keep an open mind, a candidate with diverse work experience could be a huge asset to your team. These people tend to be curious, confident and dynamic, and have a lot to offer in terms of a wider perspective. Ask directly about why they may have moved around, and the answer might pleasantly surprise you.

Take them into a real-life situation

Rather than keeping a candidate in an interview room during the entire interview, take them for a tour of the office. Introduce them to some team members, show them the workspace and break-out areas, and watch their reactions and interactions. Are they curious? Are they open? Do they ask questions and does it seem like they are imagining themselves working here? This exercise will tell you more about what you need to know than any long list of interview questions could.

Work with a recruitment partner you trust

If recruitment isn’t your day-to-day job, designing and executing a solid hiring plan can be time consuming and frustrating. Either you feel like there are too many candidates to consider, or like you’re not reaching the right ones. That is why it makes sense to work with a recruitment specialist who understands your business and your needs, can pull from a wide pool of candidates, screen for skills and culture fit, and present your team with qualified, tested and promising candidates.

At InstaPeople we help you hire the best in three simple steps: We do the sourcing, we complete the testing and present you with CVs, and then you pick the best and we handle the contracts and onboarding.

For us at InstaPeople, your success story is our success story, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Get in touch with Lindy and her team today so we can accompany you on your recruitment journey.



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