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Discover how we find the best talent


Chemistry First,

Skillset Second

Controversial? Let us explain....

Would you rather have a great person with a developable skill or an all-star performer who has a hard time getting along with others?


Testing Helps You Choose the Best 

During the Instapeople recruitment process, we use screening tests to evaluate candidates on how well they will fit into your company.

Young Vlogger


How does a candidate's values, behaviours and interests align with your company's values?

Working with Coffee


Does a candidate have the technical skills to do the job? Our screening tests make your hiring decisions faster and easier.

Man with Blue Sweater

Good Candidates Appreciate a Good Recruitment Process

Applying for a job can feel like an emotional rollar-coaster

We care for people by protecting their emotions and treating them the way we'd want to be treated

Our fast, professional and friendly appoach serves as an extension of your brand

Candidates choose Instapeople because they feel valued. We take the time to invest in our community. 

Your applicants get the motivation and engagement they need to really shine

Engagement and momentum are key factors to a great hire. Our fast response times means that clients and candidates move efficiently along the process.


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