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The 6 Most Common Recruitment Mistakes That You Should Avoid

The most important asset for any business is its people. You can have a beautiful product, a solid business plan, a great pipeline, and a sound sales strategy, and yet if you don’t have the right people to help you pull it all together, it’s like operating under water. Selecting the right staff for your company could make or break how things get done (or don’t), the happiness and productivity of your teams, and - ultimately - your bottom line. Recruitment errors can be costly - both in terms of finances and productivity, so you need to ensure you avoid some common recruitment pitfalls.

1. Not defining the role and job description well enough

If you don’t know exactly what you want, you’ll never find it. Spend some time before the recruitment process begins ensuring your job description is absolutely water tight. When interviews begin it’s your job to let the candidates showcase their very best assets, and convince you why they are perfect for the job. Having a clear and detailed job description will help them do that - and separate the great candidates from the “okay” ones.

2. Not attracting the right candidates

Knowing where the good people are is vital as you begin your search. You need to search smart, and for this you need a trusted recruitment partner who specialises in how to identify your target market, how to find them, and then how to communicate with them, appeal to them and ultimately close the deal with them.

3. Trusting “your gut”

A “gut feeling” in an interview is a good thing - and it’s important not to ignore any emotional reactions you may have to a candidate. But hiring the right person for the job involves more than a feeling - you need to use results-based methods like assessment tests, work samples and targeted questions. Make sure your hiring process relies on quantitative data as well as qualitative.

4. Rejecting an “over-qualified” candidate

Employers and managers often shy away from hiring a candidate they consider to be “over qualified”, for fear of being overshadowed, or out of concern that they may get bored and not stay long enough in the role. But there are many reasons an over-qualified candidate may be interested in a position - perhaps they are returning to work after time off, or are looking for a less pressurised job. Don’t dismiss these candidates right away - find out what appeals to them about this position, understand what they could do for your team, and consider the value they could add to your organisation.

5. Talking too much in an interview

The employer should never talk more than 20% of the time in an interview - don’t fall into the trap of talking too much about the company or the position. The candidate should have done their homework and know all of these facts already. You can offer context and background, and introduce yourself to give a more personal angle to the job spec, but let the candidate do most of the talking. It’s your most important chance to get to know them, and for them to sell themselves to you.

6. Valuing qualification over skills

Sometimes the least qualified candidate will have the best skills for the job. The first good sign is their enthusiasm in the interview and their willingness to learn. A smart assessment test will demonstrate whether or not they have the skills and the potential that will enable them to grow into the job and ultimately to excel. These are the people who will thrive in your business, and thanks to whom your business will thrive as well.

Recruiting the right people can be a daunting prospect, but with the right partner in place it is possible to be guided through the process, from crafting a detailed, appealing job description to scripting the interview questions, setting practical assessment tests and narrowing down the best candidates.

At InstaPeople this is our not only our bread and butter but also our passion. We accompany our clients through every step of the recruitment journey and your success is our success. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced and professional team, and let us help you build your team.




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