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A Word from Lindy - Founder of InstaPeople

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

As an entrepreneur and small business owner I know that the most precious resource any business has is its people - and that finding the best people for your business is the key to success. This was the premise upon which I dreamed up InstaPeople, and I am delighted to introduce our company and our services.

InstaPeople was really born out of the success of Good People, the company that works with our community of clients who have trusted our team again and again in the process of recruiting professional, capable and reliable private household staff. After their experience with us, many of these clients began to ask us to help them with their business staffing needs as well, and thus InstaPeople came into being.

How we get the job done

Following years of experience and positive feedback from our clients at Good People, we operate InstaPeople on the same principles. We find the best people for your business in 3 simple steps.


We take on your list of requirements and build a job description, pre-screen CVs (providing you with at least 7 to choose from), and host pre-qualifying interviews - or speed sessions - to check for a good fit.


We present our talent shortlist and you interview them. We then ensure they have the necessary practical skills with testing and following up on references.


Once you’ve chosen your favourite candidate, we take care of the rest, arranging contracts, necessary documentation and on-boarding.

Why having the right people is critical

Evidence shows that bad hiring decisions can lead to low productivity, an unhappy team, and loss of revenue. We’re here to make sure you only make good hiring decisions - and to take the stress out of the process.

Most placement agencies ask for the background and previous experience of a candidate, but don’t test them. We do. And more than testing for practical skills, we test for culture-fit as well. Every step in our hiring process is designed to help you find people who will not just fill a roll, but thrive in it for years to come, growing as your business grows.

We are proud of the references we’ve received from many of our satisfied clients, and when they tell us the candidate is still with them after several years, we know we’ve done our job right.

What you get from us

As an entrepreneur, my priority is to offer the kind of services that I know my own small businesses would benefit from - which is how I know InstaPeople is perfect for your business too. Best of all it comes at a fraction of the cost that a big HR consultancy firm would charge.

Our website lays out exactly what services you can expect us to deliver in your hiring package - from the personal consult that will help us create your bespoke hiring plan, to branded ads across multiple platforms, from interview design and scheduling to follow-up, feedback and post hire check-ins. But the most important thing we offer is peace of mind.

Through our years of experience, we know how to find good talent, and when we recommend somebody for your business it's with conviction. In fact, we’re so confident that we offer a 12-month guarantee on all candidates.

If you’re looking for great people for your business, without hassle and stress, InstaPeople is here to discover them for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

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